Camp Blodgett

All wedding events will be held at the Lokes Retreat Center at Camp Blodgett. The venue overlooks Lake Michigan, and is located in West Olive, Michigan in the Eastern time zone. (Time zones are HARD!)


Camp Blodgett

Loeks Retreat Center

10451 Lakeshore Drive
West Olive, MI 49460

Phone: (616) 844-7210

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Camp Vibe

Yes, there's sand and gravel. No, you can't wear tie dye or jean shorts. The dress code is semi-formal attire.

We will have lawn games, but expect camp elegance. The ceremony will be held on the deck (but we will have a tent and heaters for the weather). Dinner will be inside the lodge, which is climate controlled. No events will be held on the beach, but feel free to walk along the lake and throughout the grounds. 

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Why we chose Camp Blodgett

It's a truly gorgeous location on the shore of Lake Michigan, which captures the charming, elegant but relaxed atmosphere we wanted for sharing our love and celebrating our commitment with the people most important to us.

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Camp Blodgett also has a great mission, that we are glad to support. The camp's goal is "to provide a fun, enriching summer camp experience accessible to all kids in Kent & Ottawa Counties.  Summer camp fees are based on a child's family size and income." 

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Amy grew up working at Tamarak Summer Camp behind her parent's house. Camp spirit (and tie-dye coloring) runs deep within her.


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Zander is happiest when he is in or on large bodies of water. He plans to do a polar plunge in the lake to get ready for the wedding. 


It's a good middle point for family and friends; located 2.75 hours from downtown Chicago and 2.5 hours from Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's also close enough to Grand Rapids for friends (mostly from DC) to fly in.