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How We met

We met as coworkers at the Sunlight Foundation, where Amy was a graphic designer, and Zander was a research fellow. We bonded while working together to make beautiful and information rich data visualizations. At work, Amy opened Zander's mind to visual hierarchy, storytelling and thoughtful design; Zander was the "data" to her "viz." In each other, we found continual inspiration and trusted partners who made each other's work better. At Transparency Camp, we MCed the lego team building exercise together, sang "Everything is Awesome," and slammed bad maps. Our fruitful collaboration grew to a deep and honest friendship. 

When Zander moved from D.C. to Ann Arbor to pursue a Ph.D., Amy essentially forced herself into the U-Haul for the ride. It was clear then, that this relationship was not just a temporary friendship that would fade as we moved apart; this relationship was for life.

Over the next several years, we kept in close touch and visited each other multiple times a year. When everything seemed bleak in late Fall 2016, Amy booked a one-way train ticket to Ann Arbor to stay with Zander, finish her Master's thesis and watch the Gilmore Girls reboot (#teamjess). While she was visiting, Michigan lost to Ohio State in football. In a fit of despair and vulnerability Zander told Amy about his longstanding feelings. Amy felt the same way, and moved to Ann Arbor.  

We got engaged 9 months later in Maine!